You may be familiar with the Seven Countries Study from the 1960s, which studied 13,000 middle-aged men across seven different countries and their diets as well as coronary health. The findings indicated that in southern Greece, the men were least likely to develop coronary disease than in any other country studied. These extraordinary findings have led us into a new era of eating; one where we are mindful of how the food we put into our bodies effects our overall health. Several studies have continually indicated the diet of folks in the Mediterranean as superior to so many others in the world, and so Slimmer: The New Mediterranean Way to Lose Weight was born.

Growing up in Athens, Greece with a healthy and active lifestyle, Harry Papas spent little time worrying about his weight. That was until the stress and time demands of college triggered weight gain and a much less healthy lifestyle than he was used to. Enough was enough, and he switched his major from economics to diet & nutrition without looking back. He is now a registered dietician in Greece specializing in overweight and obesity issues with his own health and diet center, as well as his own diet plan, Slimmer.

The diet is composed of 3 “cycles” (A, B, and C) each 3 weeks long. Daily meals and recipes are provided that mimic traditional Mediterranean-style eating… Does it get much easier? The diet is mostly plant based, including olive oil, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, and some lean protein. “Free days” and “happy moments” are included, which allow you some of your favorite indulgences that are not on the menu. The psychological aspect of Mediterranean life is also addressed, providing you with information and tips on how to achieve a “back-to-basics” lifestyle that is low in stress and high in psychological and emotional support.

I tried recipes from each of the 3 cycles.

  • Cycle A – Pepperoni Pita Pizza: This single serve or family meal is easy to make, and delicious. I will be making this one over and over.
  • Cycle B – Orange Banana Crisp: Less than 10 minutes of preparation provides a refreshing sweet treat or a fulfilling breakfast!
  • Cycle C – Florentine Beef Burger: I doubled the recipe and made extras to bring to work for lunch. They were a big hit with my family – No more boring supermarket burgers!

I can’t say it any better than Harry Papas does:

“Think positively, think of the solution (Slimmer), feel good, and act. To change a situation … you must not focus on the problem” (pg. 234)

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