Sleep. Who doesn’t love a deep sensuous night of sleep? It feels good, it helps heal sore muscles, and it restores your depleted energy sources. Plus, it is completely necessary for a properly functioning body! But as a busy mom, you don’t always make sleeping your priority. Here are four reasons to go to bed earlier tonight, to feel better tomorrow.

Sleeping well makes you less hungry: Our appetites are controlled by proteins that turn our hunger queues on and off. When you don’t get enough sleep, not only do the proteins that turn on hunger become more prevalent, but you have a hard time satisfying the hunger pangs you’re dealing with, explains an article on Pacific Health.

Better sleep to burn calories: According to Dr. Mommy, if you are suffering from sleep deprivation, your hormones are likely thrown off which can control the speed at which your body is burning off calories. Start logging those extra hours, people!

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No sleep, no activity: Yahoo! Shine explains that the more exhausted you feel day in and day out, the more likely you are to skip your workouts, thus leading to inactivity and potential weight gain.

Sleep increases muscle mass: Pacific Health tells us that a muscle cell burns more calories than a fat cell and “sleep loss interferes with the body’s ability to manufacture muscle mass. With less muscle, extra food calories are converted into fat.”

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Obviously, just sleeping a few extra hours won’t get you to your goal weight, but with 7 to 9 hours of sleep, a healthy diet and exercise, you will have the winning combination to get back into those skinny jeans. Now go catch some Zzz’s!