I’m not a huge beer fan and only drink wine occasionally; however, I’ve never met a mixed drink I didn’t like.  The problem with mixed drinks is that a lot of sugar can be hiding in those delicious concoctions and why waste all your calories on drinks?! There’s definitely a recent trend in marketing efforts aimed towards women for low calorie alcoholic drinks and that makes this girl very happy!

I have my own favorite low calorie drinks that are not wine or beer that I’ll share with you. Now I’m not counting exact calories here, but I know their low-cal.  Unfortunately, alcohol calories are not on most packaging and you typically have to go online to find that information.

  • Raspberry Flavored Vodka with Sprite Zero served over ice  -One of my favorites
  • Bourbon with Diet Coke served over ice – Hey, I’m from Kentucky and love a great bourbon! Did you know that bourbon is actually lower in calories than most other spirits? It’s only about 64 calories per 1-oz. serving.
  • Skinnygirl Cocktails by Bethenny Frankel – There are quite a few varieties to choose from and they are really good and right around 100 calories per a 5-6 ounce serving.  Considering a margarita from a restaurant or bar can be anywhere between 350-750 calories, the Skinnygirl margarita can be a great alternative.  Pina Colada, Sangria and White Cranberry Cosmo are just some of the offerings to choose from.
  • Crystal Light Mocktails – they offer a few new flavors like margarita, appletini and mojito that can be mixed with alcohol and they’re not bad!

To add a little more flavor and not a lot of calories, considering muddling.  I like to think of it as infusing flavor into your drink. To muddle take a handful of your favorite fruit and mash it with a pestle or really any kitchen gadget that can do the job and add it to your drink. Maybe muddle fresh raspberries with the raspberry vodka and Sprite Zero mentioned above or muddled watermelon is wonderful with vodka and a splash of cranberry juice and sweet and sour mix – then you have a watermelon martini!

The options are endless for skinny cocktails. With the new low calorie options available and such a wide variety of fresh fruits right now during the summer months, you can do a lot of experimenting . Enjoy and drink responsibly moms!