The heat of summer is breaking, and while the cooler temps bring relief, they can also keep us cuddled up indoors, knocking us off our workout routine.

Don’t let the Autumn Slump get you down. Here are 5 tips to keep you from retreating into your oversized sweatshirts.

Make Fall Fashionable: Few things are as motivating as a good reason to shop. Dropping temps are the perfect excuse to indulge in the new jogging pants or jacket you’ve been eying. Make fall exercise your reason to buy! Then get out there and show off your new look! Check out our 8 favorite fall fashion must-haves!


Let the Season Reinvent Your Routine: While football games can lure you into spending the entire weekend on the couch, don’t let the beauty of fall pass you by. The changing leaves can make even your most routine walk, hike or run feel new. If you aren’t into the idea of getting outdoors, grab your pom poms instead and try Brooke’s original Pom Pom workout inspired by her Ben-Gal days! For the times when the temptation to the games with family and friends is just too strong, try theseĀ skinny swaps to make your football party a healthy hit.


Get New Gear: Darker evenings getting you down? Try a small light and reflective band you can carry or attach to a bike, helmet, or clothing to make your evening workouts easier (and safer) to get through. (photo credit)


Let Fall’s Feast Keep You on Track: Fall = Apple Season! Don’t let fall come and go without enjoying the benefits of this antioxidant-rich fruit. Sweet potatoes, pears, squash, cauliflower and pomegranates are also coming into season. Enjoy the healthiest parts of the fall harvest with these Skinny Mom recipes for Skinny Butternut Squash Au Gratin and Autumn Apple Oat Bars.


Set a Goal: Find a local Thanksgiving Day 5K, 10K or bike race to work up to this fall. Training for an event can keep you motivated, focused and on track. Looking for motivation online? Check in and get involved with Skinny Mom this November for our Virtual Turkey Trot! More info on our “Hot to Trot” challenge is coming soon!