The weather outside has been perfect for outdoor workouts. But, with that chillier weather comes leggings and jeggings, skinny jeans and corduroys. So, to keep those legs lookin’ extra fine even under the bulk of material, we have found ten workouts targeting everything under the tush. Let’s get long and lean for those fabulous fall looks.


1. Leg Crusher Routine by Skinny Mom

2. Lower Body Booty Blast by Fit Healthy Moms

3. Pumped Up Kicks Leg Workout by Strong Like Susan

4. Leg Workout by Melinda’s Fitness Blog

5. Humpday Booty Burner by Fintessista

6. Lower Body Buffing Workout by Bufff Mother (geared towards beginners, but there are advanced phases of this workout too!)

7. Booty Kickin Workout by Skinny Mom (this is the workout pin and the whole workout…download and get goin!)

8. Legs and Core by Sprint 2 the Table

9. 10 Different Ways to Change Up the Standard Squat by Lifting Revolution

10. Booty, Lower ABS & Love Handles Workout by Tone It Up

Pop a squat–on your gym mat–and let’s get those calves burnin’!