Before you go gobble down your turkey dinner and polish your palate with a slice of every kind of pie imaginable, read these quick tips! We promise there are ways to celebrate the holidays, without tipping the scales. You will be extremely grateful you read this.

1. Eat before you go to the party. Grab a quick salad, some veggies or fruit, or a granola bar so you don’t overeat when you get there!

2. Don’t be afraid to bring your own snacks. People will respect your diet and your commitment! Bring a platter big enough for everyone if you want!

3. If you are hosting the party…don’t tell people it’s a skinny dish! With a swap here and there, people won’t notice the difference.

4. Plate your dishes once everyone is done and package them to-go! Doggie bags are cute favors and they save you from excess leftovers. You could also donate them to a local shelter!

5. Deprivation is not a solution. In fact this could lead to a massive binging fest later! Treat yourself to a little dessert…just know you will work it off later.

6. Try to wear slightly tighter or dressier clothes. This will make you more conscious of the amount of food you are eating…the discomfort will be a sign to put the cheese wedge down!

7. Sign up for a Turkey Trot or at least commit to waking up early and getting in a workout. You won’t be so hasty to throw away your calories and, let’s face it, you will just feel so much better!

8. Don’t nurture that food baby while watching the Pedigree Dog Show or the football game. Get up and get active. Make your own Turkey Bowl Football game or create your own game with fall leaves!

9. Grab a small plate to begin with. You can still load it up, but the proportions will be much smaller and closer to the healthy size. Visually, however; the plate will look like it’s spilling over…totally making you believe your are feasting!

10. Before you go for second helpings…go for a bottle of water. Slow down, take big gulps and let that brain catch up with that tummy. It takes at least a half hour for your brain to register that you are full.

11. Why not get the gift-giving in order?! While everyone is around, draw names for Secret Santa to drop down costs on the upcoming holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!