Football season is here, which means it’s time to tailgate! That also means you’re going to be surrounded by nachos, hot dogs, and hamburgers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fanatic or just there to socialize with friends, you want to watch your team score points on the field without adding points to your scale. Here are my favorite healthy tailgating snacks that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards (and will leave you wanting seconds)!

1. Skinny Baked Chicken Fingers: You may be surprised to find that corn flakes made these delicious, healthy chicken fingers truly work! I recommend whipping up some Skinny Barbeque Sauce for divine dipping! (via Skinny Mom)


2. Chili Con Queso: This healthy version of the Tex-Mex classic is perfect for those chilly fall football days. It’s so easy to make and cuts the calories in half! (via Eating Well) (photo credit)


3. Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread: You know what I love most about this recipe? There’s no need to reheat frozen dough or knead anything for what seems like hours! One easy Flatout wrap and you are halfway done with the recipe! Plus, the flavor in this chicken flatbread is drool-worthy! (via Skinny Mom)


4. Skinny Macaroni SaladMost recipes for macaroni salads are usually loaded with calories and fat, but here’s a great alternative! You’ll be sure to have cravings for it long after the game! (via Skinny Mom)


5. Skinny Hawaiian Chicken Cups: If there’s one thing you need to stock up on this football/appetizer heavy season, it’s wonton wrappers! These are super low cal and they bake up perfectly. We use them in several baked wrap recipes and “cup” recipes and they have yet to disappoint! (via Skinny Mom)


6. Turkey-Hummus Sliders: These sliders are truly mouthwatering. The feta cucumber mixed with the hummus gives your taste buds a real kick! (via Yummly)

Food stylist: Stephana Bottom

7. Black Bean, Corn, and Avocado Dip: You’ll need to be sure to make extra servings of this dip because it’ll be gone fast! Just mix ingredients, add your favorite tortilla chips, and you’re done! (via Skinny Mom)


8. Skinny Buffalo Wing Hummus: As if hummus could get anymore heavenly…we went and made it sinfully good by infusing buffalo wing flavor! The punch in this hummus may just knock out your tasted buds so watch out. (via Skinny Mom)