As the Easter holiday approaches, you are probably seeing aisles of Easter candy in all of the grocery stores and it seems as if those little yellow marshmallow peeps are everywhere this time of year. Realizing that many of you with kids will make sure the Easter bunny makes a visit to your house, here at Skinny Mom we want to do our part in making sure that you and your children are making smarter choices when it comes to choosing Easter candy. Just to be extra clear though: none of the candy that you see in this article has any nutritional value and even the lowest calorie options will pack on pounds if consumed recklessly. We just want to help you save your kids some calories and help you watch your waistline if you are going to eat some of these yummy Easter treats!

Easter Chocolate Candy:

Just Say No
Russell Stover® Chocolate Bunny
1/2 bunny
115 Calories
7g Fat and 4g Saturated Fat
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Cadbury® Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
7 eggs
100 Calories
5g Fat

3 Musketeers®
1 fun size bar, 63 Calories
1.5g Fat

Cadbury® Creme Egg
1 egg, 150 Calories
5g Fat

Non Chocolate Candy:

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Just Born® Marshmallow Peeps
2 chicks
64 Calories
0g Fat
Just Say No
Jelly Belly® 40 flavors jelly beans
20 beans
70 Calories
0g Fat

Farley’s® Easter Chicks Sweet Tarts
10 pieces, 50 Calories
0g Fat

Brach’s® Easter Airheads®
2 pieces, 90 Calories
1g Fat

Try to always have your kids eat the serving size, only offer them small portions of the candy, rather than give them an entire bag or a whole box of something. Make eating candy a special treat that they look forward to and enjoy!

Skinny Mom Fact: Easter is the second most important candy-eating occasion of the year for Americans and over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year!