Ghosts, goblins, and witches are aplenty this time of year and can cause quite a scare. However, for women and moms everywhere, nothing can be scarier than taking a peek at your booty in the mirror and noticing that it isn’t what it used to be. No need to be frightened anymore!  Our Skinny Mom “Bye Bye Scary BOOty” workout is designed to tighten your glutes and give your butt a nice lift and round shape.  Take our BOOty challenge this week and do this workout 3-4 days a week for the next four weeks to start seeing optimal results.

You need to wake up your glutes and stimulate more muscle fibers to get them engaged. Opt for exercises like the ones recommended below that specifically zero in on the glutes and prevent the hamstrings and the back from doing most of the work.

Do you have a favorite booty exercise that isn’t listed or a secret to getting great glutes?  We would love to hear from you!

Booty Lift with a Leg Extension Exercise: 3 sets of 25

Step Ups Exercise: 3 sets of 20 on both legs

Plie Squats: 3 sets of 25