When Skinny Mom® announced that we would be having a Skinny Mom Weight Loss Challenge, we were overwhelmed with responses and emails.  Dozens of you emailed your photos and stories sharing why you would be the perfect mama to not only take on the challenge of losing weight but also sharing your journey with the world for the next 6 months.

It was a tough decision, but in the end we could only select three of you for the challenge.  On behalf of Skinny Mom, I am excited to introduce to you our amazing finalists for the challenge.  Please make sure to follow these amazing moms as they bravely share their personal weight loss journeys with you.  We take pride in our community here at Skinny Mom® and we know that you will all show your support for these women by posting motivating messages and words of encouragement.  If you are reading this and are ready to make a change of your own when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, please email us at info(at)skinnymom.com!



Tameka Coleman

Tameka Coleman, “Winning @Losing”

From Tameka’s first email, we knew that she was going to be selected for the challenge.  Her energy is contagious!  Tameka is a 35 year old, determined mom of 5 children, and comes to us from Tomball, Texas.  Like so many, Tameka has struggled with losing weight throughout her pregnancies.  Tameka, at her heaviest weighed 242lbs. and now is at 210lbs., Tameka is ready to say goodbye to that number on the scale for good.





Vada Reiley

Vada Reilly, “Organic Garden Mama”

Vada has an amazing story of overcoming life’s challenges.  In 2010, Vada was working as a dental hygienist, when a debilitating car accident took her out of her career and left her in terrible pain and forced her to be sedentary.  Vada not only found the strength to move beyond her setback, but in the process discovered  her new passion, being a full time Grandma. Vada also found a love for gardening.   Weighing in at 194lbs., Vada says she is ready lose the extra weight that she has been carrying around.






Teresa Johns

Teresa Johns, “Motivated Mama”

What we loved most about Teresa, was her bubbly and witty personality that came through immediately in her story!  Teresa is a 26 year old new mommy to her 7 month old son, Will.  She admits to being a little bit nervous about sharing her weight loss journey but says that is outweighed (no pun intended!) by her excitement, determination, and desire to encourage others to work toward a healthier lifestyle.  Teresa is starting this challenge at 205lbs. and is ready to change that number for good.