Hello to everyone at Skinny Mom! I have completed the first 3 days of the Skinny Mom Weight Loss Challenge!

I love the meal plan templates that were set up for us, as we could choose the foods that we liked and put it into the slots. I am never hungry, and have to set a timer or something to remind me that it’s time to eat again. Imagine tha!

I am so pumped about this whole Challenge! I got on the scale today, not expecting to see anything as in weight change, but I had lost six pounds! I couldn’t believe it. I have been following the meals to a”T,” but I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the exercises because of my two car accidents. I can certainly walk a great distance, use the dumbbells for my arms and do squats (slowly) for my thighs and glutes. I’m sure the eating plan will also help me lose the dangerous middle of the body fat! We have all heard how dangerous it is to have fat around our midsection.

I have to admit that the first day I was not organized; we had family in from Texas and I didn’t get to prepare for the week ahead. That’s why I say, the only way to be truly successful is to put some planning and thought into it. As you all know, I am an avid gardener. Here in Colorado Springs, our growing season is a lot shorter than when I lived in south Texas! We cannot put anything into the ground until after Memorial Day, because of the threat of frost, snow, hail and you name it. I start my garden indoors with yogurt containers, bottom halves of milk jugs, butter tubs, etc. I plant my entire garden from seed, so I really need a jumpstart on the growing season. I find a sunny area of the house, which happens to be my grown son’s room. I set a table up in front of his window and it’s perfect for seedlings to grow and mature before going out to the big garden. I have to use bird netting not only to keep the birds away from the veggies, but also so that hail bounces off the netting and rolls to the ground.

As you can see in the picture, I teach my grandchildren to plant seeds and water properly. Ayden the three-year-old, is helping me. Kinsley is too young, but watches from the stroller, and on good days watches from the playpen on the deck. I am able to grow the spinach and lettuce that I eat for this program! Nothing like home grown veggies and herbs! I usually can the tomatoes after making “God’s Garden Salsa,” diced tomatoes, pasta sauce and then finally, I dehydrate the rest of the tomatoes and herbs and use them throughout the year in breads and other types of recipes!

Follow my blog as I share with you my challenges with temptations, and my successes even when I can’t do all that the other girls are doing with exercise. I will also keep you abreast of the gardening and the grandchildren! Until next time, take care and eat healthy! Also, move around, even if it’s only around the block; we have to start somewhere.