Vada with her family

Hi to all of you Moms and Grandmas out there following my journey to a healthier and more fit Grandma! Week two had some changes; both in meal plan and workout routines. I have to tell you that I love having the meal plan templates that we, each week, plan ahead what foods we want to eat on certain days. Personally, this has worked very well for me to plan ahead, shop ahead and even pack meals ahead if you will be out and about! Everything was GREAT the first week, I lost 12lbs!! I experienced just how out of shape I am!! ☺

Over the weekend, I had some medical setbacks that affected my health and my workouts! As you know, I am recovering from not one, but two car accidents that caused 3 herniated discs in my neck, and very painful SI joint in my low back! I had been so proud of myself for doing the walking as an aerobic activity and doing other exercises as I could without causing problems with my neck…………..well, on Saturday, I awoke to swollen ankles, knees and even my hips and neck! After the first accident and also the second one, my ribs on the right side “torque” slightly and enough to pinch off the Lymphatic drain near the 1’st rib! This closes off the lymphatic system from draining and recycling by joining with the venous blood. Everything drains upward to your sternum or “Chest bone,” so when the drain isn’t working, my lower half swells! Not only is this painful but it means treatments by a specialist that knows about lymph edema massage, to drain the lymph nodes manually and hopefully force a “drain!”

My next stop was my Dr who is a DO! He can make adjustments to my spine as well as my ribs! It is a painful procedure, but the end result is worth it! My photos that I included this week are of my family!! They are my support system along with awesome friends!!

My weight loss, as far as numbers, has fluctuated almost daily, so I don’t weigh but once a week! Too depressing! I am still dealing with ribs that seem to want to move but I continue to walk at least once a day and follow the meal plan! I do know that after I see the Dr and things are moving again like they should, my clothes are much loser on me and I am liking what I see in the mirror just a bit! I still continue to stay busy with my precious Grandchildren and my nephew who is 15mos old and lives here in town as well!! They help me see things in a different light AND, they keep me young at heart!

So, week 2 turned into, perseverance, take it easy when you have to and eat the right foods and things will happen!! My goals will be achieved in time, the right way for me! I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to move again and with much less pain than even 2 months ago!! HE has carried me through these past 3 years, because I COULD NOT DO IT! My family has been there helping to carry me also!! One day, really soon, my weight is going to just fall off, because of perseverance! Until next week, eat healthier and move! ☺