woman weight loss

It has been an awesome ride, these past two and a half months!!  I have set my goals for 10lbs a month and an average of 5-6 days of an hour + exercise a day!  At this point, my only aerobic exercise is Power walking……..I am still in Physical Therapy once a week with home exercises, but NO jumping or jogging.  Only power or brisk walking!  I am just thankful that I am able to do that! My back and neck are slowly healing and I do mostly stabilizing exercises to strengthen the support muscles in my neck and back.  I had a setback the 1’st of September when my dog pulled me down while on a walk!! OUCH!! It set me back at least a month with my PT and recovery!!  I couldn’t do my walks for several weeks, but Brooke assured me that diet is 80% of weight loss!!  I was encouraged once again!!  It is so important to choose wisely when selecting your meals, snacks and beverages.  I come to realize just how important water is to weight loss, fullness for hunger avoidance, and of course hydration for our bodies.  I live at 6,700 ft above sea level and hydration is VERY important.  We have extremely low humidity, which definitely has its perks!!  The down side of low humidity; you must drink twice as much water and non-caffeinated beverages.  To sum up the first two and ½ months, “WOO HOO!” I can’t believe that I am down 24lbs, and 36 to go!!!  Today we had rain, hail and snow………so the treadmill is looking pretty good these days!  I am confident that I will reach my goal of 50lbs!!!

Sadly, my tomatoes are still on the vine awaiting redness! I can see that the weather may not cooperate and they may have to ripen on newspaper on my kitchen table.