Hey challenge followers! I hope that everyone is still doing well! I am still on board after vacation – and with a completely free September and October calendar (ok, not completely, but compared to what our Summer entailed, the calendar looks empty!) I am ready to kick it into over drive so I don’t hit any plateaus.

Vacation went well, I had my “free time” expectations set a little too high, and planned snacks and meals but there was a little more temptation then my willpower could fight – but I still lost a little weight – and as Katie said, at least I didn’t gain! Towards the end of the week I was actually looking forward to heading home in order to get back on my routine and schedule. A mix of the guilt from not being on plan and the physical effects from not eating and exercising as well as I had been began to take their toll.

As far as the diet, I am still following it without too much trouble – when you pack four out of five meals a day it really helps cut down on the “cheating”. Weekends are a little harder, not only getting in my five “meals” but that is when do our dining and drinking out with friends. I have made it a habit to look up the menu online before we venture out to learn the nutritional information on different menu items so I know what to order. Some things sound healthy but are far from it – so it’s good to be prepared!

I still don’t love exercise. Just keepin’ it real. I have always heard people say after you do “____” for a while you fall in love with it no matter how you felt before. But, I’m still waiting for cupid to hit me with the exercise arrow. Dragging myself out of bed in the morning is something I do because I need to, I can’t wait until it’s I WANT to do, haha. However, there is one thing that I have fallen love with – Zumba. I’m able go to two or three classes a week (I LOVE my instructor, www.zumbasue.net – you get a killer workout with her compared to others I have taken classes from) and I love every minute of the high cardio hour.