So we have finished up the first month of the six-month challenge. I am happy to announce that I lost 15 lbs. One thing that I didn’t do was measure my body fat percentage, but I plan to do that from here on out. Because we are strength training in addition to cardio, we are losing fat AND building lean muscle at the same time. So the scale might not seem to be moving as fast as you would like. Pay more attention to inches lost and how your clothes fit.

I have a breakthrough to announce. I went to the water park with my family (this is not the breakthrough, I’ve done that before {smile}), but I wore a swimsuit/dress (breakthrough)! Last time we went, I wore a halter-top and shorts because I’m very self-conscious of my body. I carry a LOT of my weight in my legs so you seldom see me in shorts above the knee let alone anything higher than that. Well, during this weight loss challenge, I’m learning that I need to love and accept my body throughout the process and not just once I reach my goal weight. Next time we go, I hope to wear a two-piece and not feel self-conscious about anything!

I turned 35 on July 27th and the picture in the black dress is from my surprise party. I will not lie and say I didn’t eat any of the cake, because I did! We went to the water park on Monday, August 1st. I’m ready to see what the second month of the challenge holds! Stay tuned.