Diet Update

So far so good… I knew this area wouldn’t be too hard during the week as long as I packed the four “meals” I’d be eating at work and just stuck to them.  It WAS hard passing up the bagels somebody brought in yesterday morning though!  A fun fact I discovered is that baby food containers are a ½ cup (4oz.) portion size.  I make Will’s baby food and my friends save their containers for me to freeze my homemade food in correct portions – and now I’m using them for my portion control too!

Exercise Update

Well, for the first time in my life that I can remember – I set the alarm for an hour earlier then normal, dragged my booty out of bed, and did a morning workout.  Jumping Jacks/Squats/Bridges/Crunches repeat…  and ya know what?  I survived.  Three days in a row.  I know, I was shocked too.

We’re in the middle of buying a new house/selling our old house (stressssful!) – so while I do love my sleep, the extra hour of “workout time” in the morning is nice to have as just as “me time”.  Billy and Will are still sleeping, so I can get my heat rate up to the sound of nothing but the Today show, clear my head, and start the day off on an energized and stress free note.  However, with all the packing and meetings consuming my after-work hours, I have only gotten in one decent cardio workout.

The plan to fix this: If I know my evenings are going to be jam packed I’m going to save my “morning” routine for night after I put Will to sleep (because I can do it while it’s dark outside), and do cardio first thing in the morning instead.  Wish me luck!