Holy Cow! Two weeks without and update… oops! I’m doing great.

Exercise Update: The stomach bug hit our house, along with the emergence of two teeth, along with a week of Vacation Bible School – so needless to say, there were a few days when exercise just didn’t happen. Some may call it an excuse, some may call it lazy, but on those days I called it surviving. However, instead of missing a day and then saying “well, now I’m off track I might as well quit” like my old self would have, I jumped back on the next day and restarted where I left off.

Diet Update: Exercising or not, I’ve been sure to stick to the meal plans no matter what. I even TRIED to cheat, and just felt so sick after a few bites (of pizza) I stopped. Boo, but also YAY! Haha I’ve been keeping track of meals that really work for my family (time and taste) on a blog – billyandteresaeat.blogspot.com. A few tips and tricks about how I get a meal on the table in 30 min or less coming in my next update!

So with a record of following the diet 98% and exercise 80%, I’m extremely happy to say that as of today, I have lost 10 pounds! We leave for vacation tomorrow and I wanted to loose that much before we hit the beach. AND, for the first time in my life I’m excited about having an abundance of free time while on vacation to, get this – exercise. Now, time to pack – swimsuits, sunscreen, and healthy snacks!