Hello again skinny moms and grandmas!!  I wanted to show you my source of garden fresh organically grown veggies!!  This is “God’s Garden,” that I have been faithfully planting every year, after my right  arm was healed and I could garden again………..2007! I begin the seeds indoors around March 1’st because our growing season here, in Colorado Springs, is pretty short!  We cannot put plants in the ground until after Memorial Day because we normally get hard frost up to that point!  I choose to grow EVERYTHING from seeds!! I never use “nursery plants” because I’m not sure what chemicals have been used on them!! I use seeds from the previous year tomato plants before I ‘can’ the tomatoes and make salsa, pasta sauce, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes and dried tomatoes!! I also ‘can’ cucumbers to make various kinds of pickles……….another fun thing that I grow is herbs!! Always, Sweet Italian Basil, Cilantro and Rosemary!! So aromatic and very tasty in dishes that I love to make!!  This year, I am growing tomatoes, black beans, Annasazi beans, sweet peas, cucumbers, banana peppers, bell peppers, carrots, the herbs I mentioned above, as well as having a well working compost system that you can see in the back left of the garden.  So, all the scraps from the kitchen in the veggie and fruit category, are taken to the composter and layered with grass clippings, dirt, paper shredding, leaves in fall, and water slightly, rotate and ventilate!! Then, almost like magic…………………awesome rich soil to add to the garden for next season!! The growing season here is from Memorial Day until late September and some years…..October!!

Kinsley helping in the kitchen

Of course my favorites have always been the veggies and fruits, I am forcing myself to eat more healthy meats and am learning to eat more frequently than most of us have grown up with!! It’s finally becoming a routine to eat 5 meals a day and I actually don’t crave sugar anymore!! WOW!! That’s saying a whole lot for me!! Ha Ha!  As you can see below, I have my little granddaughter, Kinsley helping me in the kitchen and the garden!  She is now 9mos old and is enjoying Grandma’s peas, carrots, and hopefully soon…tomatoes!  She will be walking really well by end of season harvest!!  More pics of that fun time to come!!

As for the 6mo Weight loss Challenge, I am doing pretty well, but last week I seemed to have ‘out of nowhere’ cravings for chocolate and carbs!!  Oh my goodness!!  So, needless to say, I had a high carb week…………….I was frankly afraid to get on the scale, but my body was good to me and I did not gain any weight!!!!  This weekend, I am back in control and no more weird cravings!! Will write more soon with new weight loss results and new physical activities that I am able to do!!!!