Tameka’s visits to the gym since January

Day 1 of Weight loss challenge is now in the books. The day went well. It wasn’t bad having only one serving of carbs and one serving of fruit. I did spend some time thinking about the three servings of carbs that I will get to enjoy the next day.

Day 1 meals:

Breakfast: yogurt w/ cinnamon, ½ cucumber, Nature’s Own bagel thin, w/ Brummel & Brown buttery spread and strawberry preserves

Snack: Hormel turkey pepperoni & Land O Lakes reduced fat snack’n cheese to go cheese square (Should also have had a veggie serving here)

Lunch: Boar’s Head turkey breast, 1/2 cucumber, 2 tbs zesty italian dressing

Snack: grapes, 1 scoop whey protein

Snack: Turkey pepperoni, 2 fat free cheese slices. This meal was NOT on the plan, but I did eat plan-approved foods. I was a little hungry and I think that was because I skipped my veggies serving with one of my earlier meals. Brooke mentioned that it is a good idea to keep extra snacks, healthy snacks that is, around in case I was to get hungry.

Dinner: lean ground turkey, double serving of broccoli, 1/2 serving of Rotel diced tomatoes.

I went to the gym and worked on shoulders. I also did burpees, but will admit that I only did 15 out of the 30. I started the interval training and realized how out of shape I am. It is definitely different from walking/jogging at a steady pace. I have been doing intervals but I would jog at 5.0-6.5 for 30 seconds – 1 minute then walk at 3.0-3.5 for 1 minute. Or I will jog at the above speeds for a certain distance and then walk. I ended up doing a 30-minute cardio session. I will keep at the interval training because I know I can do it.

I am sure that anyone reading this can relate to what I’m about to say. Has anyone set a New Year’s resolution that they would start working out, eating better and get in shape? You said this to yourself way before New Year’s like, hmm Labor Day or Thanksgiving. Instead of going ahead and starting to do the right things at the moment you had the thought or voiced the resolution, you put it off and wait until January 1st, IF you even do it then. I found out I was selected to participate in the weight loss challenge on June 9th. I submitted my starting weight as 210 lbs. I continued going to the gym, but I started missing a day or two here and there. You can see from the screen shot of my monthly gym activity, the decrease in visits in June. Not just that, but I really slacked on my eating, justifying it by saying “You won’t get to enjoy any of those foods you like for the next six months, so go ahead and eat it now while you can”. I was eating a lot of my favorite things and I could tell I was putting weight on because my clothes were fitting tighter. Yesterday morning July 5th, I weighed on the official start date of the challenge and I wasn’t surprised to see that I weighed 221.5 lbs. I don’t plan to do any more new years’ resolutions dealing with weight. We shouldn’t put off until the “official start date” before we make healthy changes in our lifestyles. My good friend Paula Hannah whom I will talk about in my next blog would always tell me don’t think about it, Just do it. Don’t plan it out, just execute. That is what I’m telling you today. Don’t plan to start next month or next New Year’s. Get started today.

There is some good news! This morning (Day 2 of the challenge), I weighed 217.5 lbs. Brooke told me that I can blog as often as I need to if it will help me stay accountable. So yep, you will be hearing from me quite regularly!