Hi everyone at Skinny Mom!  I am SO excited to begin the “Skinny Mom” Weight loss Challenge!!  My name is Vada Reilly; I am 48 years young with four grown children and two precious Grandchildren!! I am a full time Grandma, which I absolutely Love!! They are the light of my life4!

I desperately want to lose this gosh awful excess weight, so I can keep up with the little ones, (3 yrs Ayden, 8 months Kinsley). More importantly, I want a Lifestyle change, a new and much healthier me! My story actually began in 7/3/08 when I suffered a severe whiplash that not only took me out of my job, it took me out of my life as I knew it! I felt worthless at the time because there was nothing I could do that didn’t cause pain, so I comfort ate! Well, after most of the healing occurred,

I decided that I couldn’t stand all this weight and I had to get rid of it! I was on a Dr supervised diet that was VERY strict…………….well, four months later, I had lost 40lbs! I felt so good; I never wanted to go back to all that fat again!!! At that time I was working out at the gym 6 days a week, (I was not employed at that time). I took Pilates, Body Pump, and a Step class as well as Elliptical and Treadmill! I live in Colorado Springs so you must exercise inside at least half the year! I had to go back to work, as a Dental Hygienist, full time………….well, we all know what happened. I didn’t plan my schedule very well and as a result, no working out and only a half-ditched effort at eating healthy!! Then, 9/22/10, I was in another car accident and suffered whiplash and three herniated discs in my neck, and pain in my very low back! UGH! I couldn’t believe it!! So, once again, her I am in the same darn place I had been before, but even heavier! This time I was 200lbs!!! So am so excited to be a part of this Weight loss Challenge!! I will be blogging my way through the next 6 months to let you know the challenges I face as well as my successes!!

I am totally committed to this program, so I hope you will enjoy my journey with me! Please follow my blog!