When I first read the “looking for mommies who want to lose weight” blurb on Skinny Mom’s facebook page, I knew I needed to raise my hand in the air… high.  It was what I needed, and despite my procrastinating and self-obstructing ways, I immediately sent an email to Brooke before I could talk myself out of it – and here I am!

My name is Teresa, and I am a 26 year-old mom, wife, designer, blogger, social media addict, and entrepreneur.  Oh, and now I’m going to share with the world my journey to a healthier me.

One of my strongest personality traits is that I’m a planner; I love to be organized.  I recently read a quote that I’m adopting as my theme for this journey: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” My goal: to be an all around healthier person, which I know will increase my energy, make me stronger, and improve they way I feel about my physical appearance (hey, just being honest).  My plan: diet + exercise + a whooooole lot of support!

As far as diet, we are pretty healthy eaters.  I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when I was 30 weeks pregnant and had to follow a strict diet in order to keep Will healthy.  We’re trying to stick to the same diet, but admittedly, it’s a lot easier to “cheat” when I know my baby isn’t depending on me to watch every single bite I take.  But I have done it successfully once, so I am confident I can again.

Which brings me to my area of least confidence: exercise.  I have never been one to exercise on a daily basis, but clearly that needs to be done; and I’m pretty sure that will be my biggest struggle on this adventure.  My best friend Amanda has excitedly promised to be my workout-buddy and apply force if need be for me to get the job done.  Maybe I’ll even learn to love the gym… that’s my goal.

I’m a bit nervous about sharing my weight-loss journey, but that is outweighed (no pun intended!) by my excitement, determination, and desire to encourage others to work toward a healthier lifestyle.  I hope that as I share my ups and downs as navigate through the world of diets, menu plans, healthy cooking, and fitness I am able to not only create a healthier lifestyle for myself (while dropping these unwanted pounds!) but show you that it can be done… no matter how busy or inexperienced you may be!

Please help keep me motivated by posting your comments and following my blog! Wish me luck!