woman running new year exercise

How many of your New Year’s Days have started off with something like this, “I’m really doing it this year? I’m getting in shape and losing this last 10 pounds?” We all have the most wholehearted intentions of “really doing it this year” but by Spring Break… let’s just say, we’re not sporting our best Spring Break body ever.

This year can and will be different if you get started on the right foot by planning a workout on New Year’s Day. Figure out what form of working out takes you to your happy place. For me, it’s running; for you, it might be kickboxing. Whatever it is get right to it on January 1.

I remember vividly when I really got serious about running. On December 31, 2011 my husband, daughter and I drove 60 miles on New Year’s Eve to do the Resolution Run 5K, and that was the beginning of my real love of running. Three years later we have ran countless 5Ks, three half marathons, and made running a priority in our schedules.

This year is no different, I am ready to amp up our training and run our first full marathon in April, so we are driving four hours to run the New Year’s Eve Double in Dallas, Texas. We will run a half marathon on New Year’s Eve and a half marathon on New Year’s Day. No, it’s not the “typical” way to ring in the New Year, but, honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my family. An added benefit is I won’t be starting the New Year with a hangover!

Even if you’re not quite ready to give up all of the New Year’s Eve festivities you can still get a jumpstart on your resolutions by doing some kind of workout. I’ve listed a few ideas to get your “New Year, New You” on the right track.

woman doing pilates

• Pilates is one of the best ways to enhance other exercise routines. I start my day with 10 minutes of Pilates and that not only centers me for my day, it also enhances my running ability. You can find a great workout here to help you get that Pilates body.

woman boxing red gloves

• Billy Blanks new Tae Bo DVD is a fantastic full body workout that will get your heart pumping and your fat burning. By the way, I just reviewed it and it is awesome. Watch for my full review in a few weeks.


• Spinning is another fabulous way to the body you want. This can work well alone or enhance other cardio workouts. I use it on my cross training days or when I’m recovering from a running injury. Here’s a workout to get you going on New Year’s Day.

woman feet running treadmill

• Try a treadmill workout from my “Tread and Shred Treadmill Workouts” post on Skinny Mom.

The bottom line is make a commitment and really start it on January 1, don’t wait until the next day or the first day of the next week, do it that day. If you do, I can tell you from experience it will help you to stick with it. I’m a firm believer in making loft goals for one’s self. Goals to push you to make you want to stick with it and become the New You you’ve always wanted to be.