The Skinny Mom Bikini Boot Camp Challenge is Here!  Hooray!  Are you ready to lose weight, tone up, and look better than ever just in time for bikini season?  If you answered yes, than the Skinny Mom Bikini Boot Camp Challenge is your answer!  All you need to do to join Team Skinny Mom is make sure that you are signed up to receive our Free “Get the Skinny” Daily newsletter.  If you received an email from us this morning than you are signed up!  It will also be helpful to subscribe to our Youtube channel if you haven’t already signed up.  Starting today we will be sending out a link for you to download the following:

  • The Official Skinny Mom® Approved Grocery List
  • The Skinny Mom® Bikini Boot Camp Challenge Meal Template (Week One)
  • Daily Work-Outs that you can do at home

You will need to check your email each day (M-F) for the specific workouts for each day.  In addition to the workout exercises, you will also be given additional workouts to do on your own for each day.

We are looking for committed and motivated moms to follow the program and get in shape for bikini season!  Don’t worry if you are not a mom because this program is for you too!

We have some amazing prizes for the participants that complete the challenge and who lose the most weight.  To be eligible to win one of the prizes you will need to take a before picture and write down your starting weight and measurements.  At the end of the challenge we will ask you to write a short blog post about your experience and your results.  If you win, we will then feature you on to be an inspiration to thousands who are needing to get in better shape and tone up for Summer.

We will be announcing the Bikini Boot Camp Challenge prizes during a video post next week!  Stay tuned and in the mean time, we want to hear how things are going on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s all work together to help keep each other motivated throughout the challenge!  Cheers to living healthy and looking your best this Summer!