I am a workout DVD JUNKIE!!!!! But, I have a terrible time with ever trying anything new. So I typically stay within the same genre of workout DVD’s. This genre that I stick with does not include anything by Kathy Smith. However, the time was PERFECT for a workout (3 kids napping at the same time? The dishes can get washed later, it’s time to sweat) So I popped in “Ageless With Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround  DVD”.

It. Was. GREAT! I wish I would have known about Kathy Smith earlier! She is upbeat, personable, and boy oh BOY, I am EXCITED to try and look as amazing as she does at 57!

Here’s the breakdown:

3, 20 minute workouts…

  • Workout 1: SWEAT and SORENESS!!! You are constantly moving and strength training.
  • Workout 2: Balance moves and some fun dance techniques.
  • Workout 3: Stretching and Yoga moves

I began by doing each workout separately, next trying the full 60 minutes. I would definitely suggest this. The DVD is set up perfectly by getting your heart pumping the hardest at the beginning, to slow it down towards the middle, and really focusing on relaxation at the end, all while keeping you moving and motivated!

Kathy reminds you that exercise should be fun, and she definitely makes it fun.  You will be feeling this calorie burner right away by strengthening your legs and arms, and the balancing is great for all around health and wellness!!! Definitely recommend this DVD to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The DVD retails for $16.99 at www.kathysmith.com.

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Product was received for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.