ShopWell is a new, free app dedicated to helping consumers “make good food choices on the go”. I really like this app because it serves multiple purposes that genuinely help me make healthier choices at the grocery or health food store, especially when all the products have labels claiming to be the healthiest, the most natural, or the most nutritious.

ShopWell has three main features:

  1. Creates healthy grocery lists
  2. Finds foods that match your needs
  3. Has stored nutrition facts and ingredients
1. Grocery List Component
The best part about this feature is the list has two tabs, “Most Recent” & “What’s Left” which is incredibly helpful in staying organized and not forgetting important items. The list also has pictures available for most products.

2. Food Finder Component

This section of the app gives product information, including ingredients, nutrition, and a summary section which provides healthier alternatives with similar product types.

3. Nutrition Component

I love this section because you can make your search personalized to your diet needs. For example, with the “Things you want” section, you can find foods high in protein or dietary fiber if that’s what your’re looking for. On the contrary, you can find foods low in sugar or trans fats in the “Things you don’t want” section if those are the items you want to decrease in your diet.

I use the nutrition section and food finder section before I create my grocer list in order to come up with the healthiest grocery list I can. This app has really helped me, and I’m confident it will help you too. It’s a free app, so you might as well give it a try!