Having flat abs is a goal most of us women struggle to reach. Blasted throughout the media are supposedly “easy” ways to get flat abs, whether it’s through eating specific foods, diet pills/drinks, or magical exercises, however, the simple truth lies in the fact that achieving flat abs simply takes work and dedication. Once you’ve committed to hard work and dedication though, the resources to get to your flat abs dream are endless.

Shape Magazine provides one of these resources with their Flat Abs 5 Ways exercise DVD, starring Jessica Smith. With five, ten-minute toning and tightening workouts, you can be on your way to reaching your goal of a flat ab makeover.

The Workout Categories:

  1. Ab Rehab – A fast-paced, circuit routine that details two sets of ab flattening exercises.
  2. Pilates for a Tighter Tummy – Pilates and dance inspired moves are demonstrated to help tighten your midsection.
  3. Core Makeover – These exercises help tone your tummy by working every direction of your core.
  4. Fat-Free Cardio Ab Blast – Another fast-paced core exercise that includes all over fat-burning cardio movements.
  5. Turbo-Charged Belly Toning – Enhance your burn by adding resistance to your ab workout and tone your belly faster.
  6. Bonus! – By logging into the link provided on the DVD, you’ll get insider secrets on how to get in your skinny jeans by strengthening your oblique muscles and slimming your middle.

To purchase Shape’s Flat Abs DVD, click here. This DVD is part of Shape’s Pink Power line, meaning $1 from every DVD sold will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This is an unbiased review supplied to Skinny Mom with no compensation provided.