The “perfect butt”:  something many of us women strive for.  Somewhere during our child bearing years, most of us moms lose anything resembling a nice tushy.  It is one of those areas that is sometimes forgotten about in many workouts.

PopPhysique is here to help you get that perfect butt you have been searching for.  This entire 39 minute workout is designed around shaping and toning your derriere.  Although the workout is designed around this trouble spot, the exercises are done in a way that also helps you burn tons of calories and works your entire body.

The girls in the dvd are young, hip and energetic and they do a great job of explaining and demonstrating every move.  The music fits the workout perfectly and really helps to keep you going.

Some of the highlights of the dvd for me were:

  • Virtually no equipment needed (used 1 set of small hand weights and a chair)
  • There was not a lot of downtime.  The instructors moved from one move to the next quickly
  • Learned some new ballet moves
  • A lot of of the moves require balance which is great for the core
  • Some additional ab work.  You get a little break from the butt work and focus on the abs for about 7 minutes
  • Great stretch at the end

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