Spring and Summer signify many things. To some, it’s time for change. For others, it’s time for rest. For many others and myself it’s time for travel! While us travelers can’t wait to get out and enjoy the beach, the lake, the mountains, or wherever else you land, there’s always one downside to leaving home – leaving our pets behind!

I don’t know about you, but my dog can sense any time I’m about to travel and leave her at the kennel. She cries the second she sees my suitcase pulled out from the closet, and the ride to the kennel is absolutely dreadful! I always get reports that she had fun during her stay, but honestly, how fun can it be to be caged alone all day with little interaction/play time?!

Thankfully, this year I met Lisa Miltenberger the owner of Acre Pond Kennel, and I no longer feel so guilty leaving my pup behind! Acre Pond Kennel is located in Middletown, Ohio and has been a family business for years, but Lisa took over as owner in 2003. The kennel got its name because the gorgeous piece of land has an acre pond where dogs love to swim, run, and play. Lisa’s clients find such comfort in leaving their pet at her kennel because she let’s them see exactly where their pet will be staying, sleeping, eating, and playing. They are always so fond of Lisa’s strong belief that dogs NEED socializing and play-time. She’s one of the only kennels I know that don’t charge extra for one-on-one interaction with a pet. She also doesn’t charge extra for administering any medication, which is a great plus compared to many other kennels.

Acre Pond Kennel has indoor and outdoor runs, heating, and air conditioning. Lisa offers doggie daycare and boarding for dogs at an affordable price of $12 a day for small dogs, $14 a day for medium dogs, and $16 a day for large dogs. This price is comparable to most kennels and is definitely worth it considering how much more love, attention, and doggie interaction your pet will receive at Acre Pond Kennel compared to others.

Here’s some of what Lisa’s clients have said about Acre Pond Kennel:

“It’s like doggie camp!” | “My dog gets happy when we turn onto your street! | “My dog is always happy and healthy when we pick him up!” | “I love that your kennel always smells and looks clean!” | “I wish I would have found you sooner!” | I never worry about my dog when he stays with you!”

To contact Lisa Miltenberger, call (513) 423-9778. You can also check out her Facebook page at Acre Pond Kennel Facebook.