Kathy Freston’s book ” The Lean: A Revolutionary (and Simple!) 30-Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss” is a simple, easy to follow guide to a more healthy lifestyle. I found this book so helpful and interesting that I couldn’t put it down! It’s so basic and intuitive, and the information seems like common sense, yet is done in such a non-judgmental and informative way (unlike Skinny Bitch). It makes me feel that I can not only follow the program and stick to it, but that I won’t be totally upset if I have a bad day, as I can just “lean” into it one day at a time.
The book is set up with 30 Days, adding a new step in each day, while continuing the previous days’ steps. This is a different kind of diet book in that you are given a task for each of the thirty days. Each day builds on the last, so that by the end of thirty days, you should be doing everything it says and be well on your way to leanness. Drink water, eat a hearty breakfast, an apple a day, eat nuts, use flax seed, incorporate superfoods, cut down on oil…all basic things and all so achievable. And, the best part is, there are recipes in the book as well! It is definitely worth taking 30 days of your life to get started on this way of healthy and strive to get lean.
I follow many of her tips, which helped me in this 30 day challenge. I am already a vegetarian and am definitely considering going Vegan, especially after reading this book. (It’s just the cheese that’s holding me back!) Along with this amazing book, I also received a Vegan Starter Kit which included the following:
  • Sun-Dried Goji Berries 
  • Vegetarian Hamburger Mix
  • Clif Vanilla Almond Builders Protein Bar
  • Bobo’s Oat Bars- Peanut Butter
  • UliMana Dark Cacao Truffles
  • Weinstein Book Bag
I was a little skeptical about the Vegetarian Hamburger Mix, but it was delish! The Gogi berries are such a great source of vitamins, I eat them by the handful. The Bobo’s Oat Bar was awesome, as was the Clif bar, and both are great post workout snacks. But, my FAVORITE item in this starter pack, besides the book, was the UliMana Dark Cocoa Truffles! There are NO words!
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