As a mom who aspires to achieve that lean, chiseled look I was excited to give this DVD a try.  Exhale Core Fusion Power Sculpt blends yoga, Pilates, and sculpting into an effective toning workout!

The workout is split up into five 10-minute segments which are great for those days when you’re short on time.  Each segment has a different focus and uses light hand weights to intensify the movements:

  • Power Fusion focuses on stretching using deep-muscle movements to awaken the body.  Some of the yoga poses include forward bend with twist, child’s pose, and downward dog with leg raise. It also includes some low lunges and side planks using light hand weights.
  • Strength Flow is similar to a Sun Salutation series, flowing from plank, to downward dog, to warrior.  The workout is intensified by adding push-ups, core twists, and tricep extensions using the hand weights.
  • Power Flow builds in intensity by increasing the upper body weight work while holding poses like warrior and triangle.
  • Strength & Balance starts with upper & lower body combination moves and then transitions into balance work using the weights to work the upper body at the same time.  It also includes a crazy inverted pose on one leg while working the back muscles, which I loved!
  • Abs & Glutes does exactly what it says! It begins with Pilates inspired ab work and ends with some killer moves to work the butt.

The DVD also includes a bonus stretch segment using the weights.  I did the entire 55 minutes for an intense total body workout.  It was challenging, but also very fun!

You can purchase Exhale Core Fusion Power Sculpt here.

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