At Skinny Mom, we strongly believe fitness and nutrition goals will be achieved if the tools, resources, or supplies needed are accessible to all of us in our crazy busy lives. With the help of technology, we have an endless amount of support and resources, so we want to encourage all of you to maximize your potential with the tools you have. With that, I’ve reviewed my three favorite FREE fitness and nutrition I-Tunes apps below, by providing a general description of what the app offers, as well as a few reasons why I love it. I have used all of these apps in order to give an honest opinion, and these three have been incredibly helpful in my continuous fitness, nutrition, and weight loss journey.

Ladies, feel free to add to the list, especially if you have paid-for fitness/nutrition apps that I didn’t cover. I hope these resources help you move in positive directions to achieve your healthy goals.

1. Nike Training Club:

A training app that offers the following categories (each category is offered in three training levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced):

  1. Get Lean – high interval cardio drills to slim down
  2. Get Toned – light weights and intervals to add definition
  3. Get Strong – increased weights and reps to build strength
  4. Get Focused – 15-minute workouts to target specific areas

This is one of my favorite fitness apps for two reasons. 1) It goes through each exercise with you, demonstrating the correct form and shows the allotted time for each exercise. 2) If you prefer to follow a planned weight-lifting regimen at the gym, this app is a lot more convenient to have at your side instead of a written out agenda on paper or in a notebook. Each of the 4 categories, come with multiple (10 or more) workouts so you’re never doing the same routine!

Another perk of this app is the more you progress (the more workouts you do), the more awards you win and you can begin “unlocking” celeb workouts. You can add music to the app as well.

2. My Fitness Pal:

This is a great nutrition/food journaling app, similar to Weight Watchers, but FREE! You will create a fitness profile based on your physical statistics and your goals. Based on your profile, My Fitness Pal will recommend a targeted daily net calorie intake for you to achieve your weight loss goals. As you eat and exercise throughout the day, you log your meals and exercise in the Food and Exercise diaries. The app calculates the number of calories you’ve consumed and the number of calories you’ve burned during

, letting you know how many calories you have left for each day.

Like Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal remembers the foods and exercises you do frequently, making diary entry uploads a lot easier. You can search the caloric count for the foods you eat right in the app, as they have hundreds of common foods and brands stored.

Like most diet plans though, it is best to plan ahead and know what you’re going to eat everyday. If you plan ahead, you can enter your food items in the morning so you can see the caloric count before you even eat!

3. I Map My Run:

Similar to My Fitness Pal, I Map My Run gives you a calorie budget based on an inventory profile when you begin the app. I don’t think the nutrition part of this app measures up to My Fitness Pal, therefore, I suggest using this app for tracking your runs only. With this app, you can “record your workout”. Using a GPS system, the app pinpoints your exact location and follows your run, tracking time, speed, distance, and even becomes a heart rate monitor. I love this app because I don’t have to map out my run before I go or run the same route to know the distance. I can run wherever I want and the statistics I need are right on my screen. Another perk is the app saves the last 10 routes ran.

You can also add friends to this app, allowing them to track your runs with you. There is also a “live tracking” option, posting your routes and runs on Facebook and Twitter. Adding friends on this app is a great motivator – you can have a running buddy even if you can’t actually do your runs together!

Honestly, all three of these apps have been great motivators and resources for me during my journey to a happy and healthier me. I find that I work best by PLANNING! When I plan ahead, I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to eat that day and when I’m going to exercise. I pack my food for each day and have a gym bag always prepared in my car. I don’t make good decisions in-the-moment as I’m an impulsive thinker, so the more I have planned, the healthier decisions I make.

Please comment below with any other fabulous apps you use to help achieve your fitness and/or nutrition goals!