Skinny Mom has teamed up with Roxy to promote staying active and keeping your fitness adventurous by taking it outdoors. We want to get people up, on their feet and out the door! With the recent launch of the Roxy Outdoor Fitness collection, the challenge will still make you sweat; but, you will look good and feel great doing it with all their latest gear!

5 of our Mommy Bloggers have been assigned a Roxy Dare to switch up their usual workout. Roxy Outdoor Fitness has given them all the tools to overcome the dare. But, you will have to check in for the next 5 weeks to hear how the courageous mamas did.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of you ladies! Each week Skinny Mom and Roxy will be daring you as well. From outdoor yoga to getting in an extra workout, there will be something new for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the dares you can choose from in order to win BIG giveaways from Roxy!

  • Week One: 1). Find a hilly area & conquer it OR  2). Follow Skinny Mom’s dare and do two-a-days (workout in the morning & evening) this week
  • Week Two: 1). Take a hike with your kids  OR  2). Follow Ms Fit’s dare and add an extra mile to your runs this week
  • Week Three: 1). Run the stadium steps at your local high school  OR  2). Follow 300 MPH Mommy’s dare and get off the treadmill and run outdoors this week
  • Week Four: 1). Bike ride with a friend OR  2). Follow The Fit Strategist’s dare and get an extra day of exercise in this week
  • Week Five: 1). Add wrist weights to your run/workout  OR  2). Follow Beach Babe’s workout and do yoga on the beach (or outdoors) this week

Taking risks pays off–especially with fitness! To prove that your challenges will be worth it, Roxy Outdoor Fitness is sending packages of the newest fit apparel to one winner for the next 5 weeks.

What can you win? (Click link to check out pictures of products – they are AMAZING!)

  1. Roxy Spin Sports Bra
  2. Roxy Cut Back Tank
  3. Roxy Atmosphere Jacket
  4. Roxy Everyday Yoga Pant
  5. Roxy Pull Rank Bag

[Giveaways subject to availability, colors may vary.]

Here’s how you can win:

  • Engage with Skinny Mom on social media by posting pics and updates of you completing your Roxy Dare:
  • Facebook: tag @Roxy and @Skinnymom, use #ROXYOutdoorFitness and #DareYourself
  • Twitter: tag @Roxy and @Skinnymomonline and use #ROXYOutdoorFitness and #DareYourself
  • Repin @Skinnymom pins on our brand new Roxy board via Pinterest
  • Instagram a shot of you completing your dare using the tags @Skinnymom, @Roxy,  #ROXYOutdoorFitness and #DareYourself
  • Comment on the Roxy weekly post with your favorite item of clothing that the mom bloggers are rockin’!

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