Good morning, moms! I took the Roxy fitness challenge to get off the treadmill and run outdoors. This was especially challenging for me in the month of February where the weather in Atlanta has varied dramatically day-to-day from the mid 30’s to the 60’s! But, that’s no excuse – there are plenty of people, I’ve found at the running trail near my home braving the temps no matter how low they fall. And it actually has taught me a great lesson, that outdoor training is truly possible in any climate, provided you have the appropriate attire. That’s where Roxy came in big for me! They have amazing workout clothes in their Roxy Outdoor Fitness line that are functional while still being fashionable. That’s a must for me because, like many of you, I wear my workout clothes out into the world beyond my exercise needs.

The Atmosphere Jacket is a water and wind resistant coat; perfect for the blustery day I chose to wear it for my afternoon challenge run. It was my top layer and kept me both warm and dry. The jacket has a pocket for your smart phone/music player of choice; it zips up into a small pouch, so it can be carried almost anywhere, and is cut stylishly.

I received endless compliments on the Frequency Jacket. The color, called Horizon, adds the perfect splash of red to your workout wardrobe. The two highlights of this workout coat are the thumb cut outs which are perfect for keeping hands warm during a run outside and the ventilation detail on the back, making the coat completely unique, unlike any other I have seen before.

Before the Running Outdoors Challenge officially began, I made my final indoor jaunt in this fashionable Roxy Reach Tee in Space Stripe Black. It is made of fabric that doesn’t get weighed down by sweat, so you don’t look like you jumped in a pool after your run. Double bonus! And, later that night I got my second workout in this amazing Cut Back Tank!! I will definitely be wearing this tank under my two Roxy jackets while running outdoors! I’m so excited to kick this challenge off and get moving outside. Who is with me?!

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