The last time I played truth or dare I had to be about 12 years old; so when I was given the opportunity to team up with Skinny Mom and Roxy Outdoor Fitness and choose a Roxy Dare Yourself Challenge I was all over it! The best part about this dare is it didn’t involve stealing anyone’s bra or kissing a frog. The dare I chose for the Roxy Dare Yourself Challenge was “Get an Extra Day of Exercise This Week.”

As a lot of you know, I’m in the middle of competition prep for my first bikini competition, so my workout schedule is pretty intense and I don’t get very many rest days. Monday is my usual rest day because Saturday and Sunday are my heaviest workouts of the week, so I look forward to doing absolutely nothing…”nothing” meaning nothing but cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring my 9 year old and run after twin toddlers. But, that all changed once I chose this dare. Boy oh boy! Monday evening I geared up for an upper body workout at home. Now, when I say geared up, I mean looking fabulous in my new Roxy Outdoor Fitness gear. I was a little fatigued just at the thought of tacking on that extra workout, but when I put on my new Roxy Everyday Yoga Pants and my Dawn Run Tee…I was ready to go! There’s something about looking good for your workout that motivates you to work even harder, which I love!

My workout consisted of pull ups, planks, shoulder presses, and squats (circuit below).

My arms were still pretty spent from Sunday’s workout, but where there is a will (or where there is a dare), there is a way! I did this workout in circuit form. It was pretty intense and I did sweat A LOT, but you couldn’t even tell in my new Roxy Outdoor Fitness clothes. My Everyday Yoga Pants are gray, and we all know light gray usually leaves nothing to the imagination. Well, my sweat did not show through with these pants…not even a drop! It kept me comfortable and dry the whole workout. I am seriously in love with this collection!

I also got a gym bag called Pull Rank and an active jacket called Frequency in black. This jacket is nothing short of AMAZING. I’ve been wearing it everyday to the gym since I got it. I love it for my upper body workout days because the ventilation on the back and the sides keeps me from over heating while staying covered. I also like the fact that Roxy made a spot to tuck away the zipper from the chin. I have another active jacket and the zipper bugs me so much, so when I put on my Frequency Jacket and saw there was a spot to tuck the zipper I was thrilled.

I feel like Roxy Outdoor Fitness thought of everything, especially when it came to the Pull Rank Bag.  The Pull Rank gym bag did just that – pull rank. When I walked in the gym, I felt like I was rocking the Louis Vuitton of gym bags. It’s black and gray with neon trim; it’s super cute and very efficient. There’s a compartment for your shoes, clips for the yoga mat, a removable shoulder strap, and spots for hair ties and cell phone. The Pull Rank bag works great for me and keeps me organized! The Roxy Outdoor Fitness line rocks. It’s fashion savvy yet so practical for my fitness needs. When I put on my Roxy Outdoor Fitness gear I feel good and look good, and to me that is so important because it makes working out more enjoyable and tacking on an extra day of exercise a breeze!

My “Roxy Dare Yourself Challenge” Circuit

1. Jumping Jacks -3 mins

2. Pull ups- 5 reps

3. Barbell Squat- 12 reps

4. Shoulder Press- 10-12 reps

5. Plank- hold 1 min

Repeat 3 more times

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