pregnant and healthy

I just wanted to share with everyone how thankful I have been for Skinny Mom during my pregnancy! I actually discovered the website before I was pregnant, because I have always been a huge fan of Brooke and loved watching her at the Bengals games and followed her throughout her fitness competitions! When I had learned that she had started a new website I of course had to support her.

Once finding out about my pregnancy, I knew I did not want to eat for two, especially after watching way too many friends and family struggle with weight issues after their babies. Skinny Mom had so many great exercises, even for pregnant mamas, but for me the recipes were a lifesaver! I found that I could still eat things I enjoyed without over indulging and feeling miserable after. My favorite recipe is the stuffed peppers; they are so delicious!

If I could give advice to any pregnant or post-pregnant moms out there, it would be to eat healthy, exercise, and find a great support website. It will pay off in the end!

Just wanted to give a big shout out and THANKS to Brooke and all the Skinny Moms out there. I am now 40 weeks and have gained 30 pounds and my OBGYN compliments me all the time on how healthy my baby girl and I are. I couldn’t have done it without this website!

The next step: using Skinny Mom for my post-partum weightloss!