With summertime temps hitting almost triple digits, pregnant women need to be especially aware of their energy levels, what they are eating and drinking, and the amount of time they are spending in the sun. For moms-to-be, it can become frustrating sipping on plain club soda or water when their girlfriends are enjoying margaritas, mojitos and martinis.

But whoever said these soon-to-be mamas can’t have a little fun with their sips? With some clever ingredients and simple prep, Moms-to-be can also enjoy a delicious concoction sans alcohol, and it’s a lot easier to mix up than you think. Celebrations.com, the online destination for expert party planning advice, recipes, DIY party ideas and inspirational stories, mixed up a few different mocktails that pregnant women everywhere can make in a cinch. These drinks will help Moms-to-be cool down without the worry of alcohol or excessive levels of sugar in their drinks.

See the complete recipes for these mom-friendly summer mocktails at Celebrations.com.

Skip the sugar-laden soda and opt for flavored seltzer water to give mocktails an extra splash of flavor without going overboard on calories or giving baby-to-be an unwanted sugar rush. You might be jealous of your girlfriends’ frozen margarita, but trust us, they’ll soon be jealous of you once they realize you’re enjoying a special sip that’s low-cal and just as yummy.

Here are three virgin recipes to try this summer!

A Berry-full Summertime Sip


strawberry drink

Fresh fruits are always an ingredient moms-to-be should consider, and luckily, they make for some pretty sweet sips – all naturally, of course. Next time you’re at the market, pick up some fresh strawberries, which are in their prime season right now, and fresh basil. Then, mix up this berry mint mash. It’s a mocktail we love to enjoy during the week after a particularly warm day and it never fails to refresh and revitalize.

The Berry Basic Mama-Mash drink is sweet mocktail that uses these two ingredients for a nice way to end an evening during the week or to begin your weekend on a Friday night.

A Way to Enjoy Spinach in a Drink


When pregnant, women are more mindful of what they are eating and dark leafy greens are always on the top of doctor’s recommended lists. Though it isn’t the first ingredient that might come to mind when thinking of a mojito mocktail, spinach is a leafy green that packs a ton of nutrition and a whole lot of natural flavor that works perfectly as a mint substitute. Don’t believe us? Celebrations.com came up of a great way to mix spinach into a mom-to-be mocktail that proves it can and should be done!

Their Sweet and Tangy Spinach Mamajito uses chopped spinach leaves, blackberry seltzer water and a little dash of lime juice to give you a drink that will cool you down in a healthier, more flavorful way which will keep any mom-to-be refreshed and happy.

Summer and Citrus Go Hand in Hand


Just because you’re not having any alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean you need to pack away your martini glasses for 9 months.

Celebrations mixed up this mamatini made with a blend of orange juice, pineapple juice and orange flavored sparkling seltzer water. Add a slice of orange to the rim and you’ll be a sophisticated and stylin’ mom-to-be, mamatini in hand!

Though leaving out the alcohol in drinks means moms-to-be will need to get a little creative with their mixes, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Utilize nature’s fresh ingredients to add that special kick to drinks and celebrate the summer in a way no one else can – with guaranteed great company thanks to the little bundle you’re toasting.

With Celebrations.com easy recipes, you can easily shake up one of these delicious sips to enjoy this summer.