Ah, Fall. It’s a magical time of the year, the air is getting crisp and cool, and in effect we pull out clothes that have been packed away for months.  Everyone has her favorite fall pieces hiding deep within the closet.  For the most part, most of those pieces will still be in style.  Big, comfy knit sweaters, tall leather boots, and beautifully printed scarves.  Bring them all back out, and put them to good use this season!  In addition to your “fall faves”, this year’s fashionable fall color is red, and Skinny Mom is loving red for fall!

Red looks great with all the other rich fall colors, such as orange, browns and creams.  They also can stand out with any neutral colors, like black, which we all tend to fall towards during the colder months.  Introducing such a vibrant color into your wardrobe can be tricky.  Thankfully, red comes in so many shades.  You can go anywhere from a bright red-orange to a deep, rich oxblood for this season.  Have fun with this great color too – get a hot pair of red skinny jeans or even a red jacket to go over every fall outfit.  The possibilities for red are endless, really.  Head out into the stores and try on anything red.  Add tons or just accents, but make sure you jump on this trend early, you’ll be surprised by how soon you’ll be seeing red everywhere you look!