Is there anything more festive and fun to bring to a holiday party than my adorable little cake pops!? No way! These treats are so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat them, but don’t expect your party guests to feel the same way. These little guys have a way of flying off the table at Christmas parties! This is not a recipe for the faint of heart though… You’re going to want to flex your crafty muscles on this project! This recipe is for the mom who enjoys a good challenge and is pretty patient.

If you are only baking with one cake pop pan, this recipe can take about 2-3 hours to complete. The good news is, it can be made ahead of time. You can even split up the recipe by baking the cake balls in the evening, freezing them overnight and decorating in the morning!



If this is your first time making cake pops, it might take a little practice! But, don’t fear… You will get the hang of it! If a few break apart when you’re transferring them out of the pan or one falls into the melted chocolate, keep calm, this recipe makes a lot for these very reasons.


Presenting them in the Nordicware Pop Stand is an absolute show-stopper! I highly recommend buying one. Although a Styrofoam block will work as a display, it just doesn’t do the cake pop’s justice (or your time put into them)! If you are loving these cake pops, try my Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Blueberry versions!

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