I’m pretty sure my life changed when I learned that crunches weren’t the only way to get a strong, toned core. With that being said, Skinny Mom went on the prowl for more innovative ab workouts. But, we won’t promise crunches aren’t in there! Results ladies, we want results! So, if I absolutely have to do some sit ups, I will. Let’s call this one a group effort. Check out these ten, totally toned ab workouts! By the end, you may just have ten, defined abs yourself!

1. Standing Crunch-less Ab Workout by Sarah Fit

2. Flat Ab Exercises by Get Fit And Yummy

3. Ab Ripper Workout by Skinny Mom

4. Kettleball Ab Exercises by Glama Life

5. Skinny Abs & Strong Arms by Bex Life: we had to throw in a two-for-one special

6. 6-minute Abs of Steel Workout by Amanda Russell: check out her site, especially if you are up to her Burpee Belly Blaster workout

7. Ab Blaster Workout by See Jane Sweat

8. 5 Fab-No Flab Exercises by Mom It Forward

9. Ultimate Ab Workout by Sarah Fit: Watch out, this is another plank series!

10. Core Circuit by Lindsay’s List and her fellow fitness bloggers/trainers: this is an awesome collaboration page with TONS of new ab moves and each exercise has a video break-down