The kids are off from school, bedtimes are getting later and the routine has been thrown out the window. Where will you find time to get your workouts in? Here are a few ideas to exercise with your kids:

1. Go for a family bike ride! This is something your kids will love, and is a great workout for you! (photo credit here)

In the park

2. Let your kids ride their bikes and run along with them or walk and then do sprints to catch up! Such a great workout and they’ll have a blast racing Mom!

3. A day trip to the zoo is always an option! Walking around outside all day will burn some calories and who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo?? (photo credit here)


4. Go swimming and do pool races for fun & for fitness!

5. Run laps back and forth across the shallow end of the pool.


6. While your kids are at the park, walk laps around the playground or do walking lunges!

7. Take a family hiking trip!

8. Do running races with your kids in the back yard!

9. Play a family game of kickball, baseball, football, etc. (photo credit here)

10. Do a series of push-ups and sit ups while they are playing or get them involved and do them together!
The key is to be creative. Summer gets busy but use your surroundings. You may not be able to get a full 30 minute workout in everyday and that’s okay. Just do your best to be active with your kids a little every day, not only is it good for you it’s great for them as well!