Serious woman in sports bra doing sit-ups on exercise mat
I have been guilty of saying “I’ll start working out again on Monday” …because I couldn’t possibly start on a Thursday, now could I?  Or “I’ll make up for it tomorrow” as I sit and finish eating an entire bag of chips simply because  it was open.  And before you know it, a week goes by with no workouts and my freezer suddenly contains two pints of Ben & Jerry’s! (photo credit: here)

We’ve all been there, right? (Please tell me I’m not alone…that would be embarrassing!)  So how do you get back to the healthy habits you know your body is craving? Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to help boost motivation and get back on track:

1. Just do it!  Schedule your first workout for the NEXT DAY!  Put it on your calendar.  Know where, when & what you’ll be doing.  Once you get that first workout done, you’ll look forward to the next one…trust me!

2. Focus on your finish.  Remember how good you feel AFTER you’ve finished a workout or after you’ve eaten healthy all day.  This can help push you through that first workout…and that first day without junk food!!

3. Have a support system.  It’s too easy to slip back into bad habits when you’re trying to go at it alone.  Find someone with similar goals to help keep you accountable.  Sharing your accomplishments with others is a great way to stay motivated!!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen off the workout wagon.  A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, and you will encounter setbacks along the way.  We all do.  That’s just the way life is.  The good news is, you CAN get back on track…starting NOW!!