Being prepared is the key to ensuring healthy, balanced meals for the week. Set aside some time every Sunday to hit the grocery store and stock up. A freshly packed fridge can be exciting and these simple steps can get you on the right track.


At the store, pile in the fresh fruit and veggies. As soon as you’re home grab the cutting board and start slicing. Many of these amazing foods go to waste simply because we don’t take the time to cut them into eatable portions. Stock up on some store cut cucumbers for snacks, sliced eggplant for grilling later in the week, and pre-washed strawberries so anyone can grab a quick, sweet treat.


If you’re a working mom who likes to pack a lunch, or you’re always running your kids to the next activity, make sure you’re prepared with reusable containers, bags, and cold packs. The best defense is a good offense, so organize on-the-go meals into something that can be thrown into a gym bag or purse. Keep food fresh so you’re not tempted to hit the drive-thru.

Grab just enough main courses at the store for the amount of days you know you will be eating dinner at home … and then add one. For most of us this means protein. If Monday through Friday is guaranteed family dinner night, just the right portion of your favorite meats for each day and one additional (for those nights when you just can’t decide) will guarantee that you have a variety of options and everyone will be happy.


The best way to guarantee your family is getting the right foods at every meal is preparation. Taking just a few moments at the beginning of the week to know your schedule, where you’ll be on what days and with whom, can make planning out weekly meals that much simpler. Stay organized and you’ll be unstoppable!