I’ve always admired those moms with menus in their kitchens.  The ones who plan out their meals a week…or sometimes even a month…in advance.  The ones who spend their Sundays chopping, mixing, preparing, and freezing their meals for the week ahead.  I am not one of those moms.  I may NEVER be one of those moms.  Except this week….

Thanks to a friend of mine who sells Wildtree products, I spent this weekend doing exactly that!  She hooked me up with some recipes for healthy “freezer meals” that I could prepare in advance for the upcoming week.  And you know what?  It turned out to be simple…and fun!

Step 1:  Groceries

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping and picked up the ingredients I needed to put the meals together (chicken, turkey, veggies, etc.)

Step 2:  Prep

On Sunday, the fun began!  I cut up chicken breasts, chopped veggies, and labeled all the freezer bags that my meals were going in.

Step 3:  Assembly of Meals (The REALLY fun part!)

I followed the recipes my friend had given me, filling each freezer bag with the appropriate protein, veggies, sauces, or spices.  Then I sealed them up and popped them in the freezer!  TA-DA!!!

The whole process only took a few hours, and I now have a freezer full of healthy, homemade meals ready to be cooked!  Who knew it could be this simple to prepare meals ahead of time?! My mind is already clicking…figuring out more recipes that I could do this with.  I might just become one of those moms yet….

Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be natural, nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare – all at the same time. Their products contain no preservatives, additives, MSGs or dyes.