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We all have that family member; you know the one. The “non-believer.”

“What’s organic mean anyways?” “It can’t be that much better.” Insert heavy sigh here. In addition to healthier options, organic and non-GMO foods are showing up on your grocery store shelves. My husband and I try to buy organic as much as we can. Considering we have a toddler that eats fruit like it’s going out of style (not that I’m complaining!) it gets a tad expensive. However, being very passionate about food and health, I stood my ground. It took some time up on my soap box to get Hubby to understand, and now he’s on board. Cooking for a crowd, however, can get tricky.

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I started making small swaps when making meals for our families: turkey or chicken sausage in soups (so delicious!) or a bit of organic kale in a mix greens salad. The taste is still 100% there. Some ingredients are a bit more challenging, but I keep making small swaps and have had positive feedback on most dishes, even from the most stubborn of eaters! What have been your healthy eating struggles? Have you and your family gone organic? Please share your thoughts and ideas!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?!

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