We can’t pick our siblings. We are just people thrown into the same family with the same parents or parent. Sometimes we have wonderful relationships- best friends of sorts. Sometimes we have estranged relationships. Or we have a casual, not unfriendly but not super supportive relationships.

My husband grew up as an only child. He really doesn’t know what it is really like to share his space with a brother or sister. He doesn’t know what it is like to be in the shadow of a sibling or be the super star sibling. Siblings are the closest relative to you, especially if you share the same parents. They are most like you. They are the people that share the same experiences as you. They share some of the best moments in your life and some of the worst.

Now that I have three children – two sons and a daughter, I strive daily to make sure that they respect each other, care for each other, and most importantly be there for each other as adults. We keep reminding them daily that they are best friends, that they love each other, and their jobs as siblings is to protect and take care of each other. That is every parent’s wish.

We make sure they say sorry, that they share, and that they also give each other space when needed.  I love that my kids are all friends right now. They play together all day.  They are pretty nice to each other too. I know they have their share of fights and hurt feelings, but I also know they love, respect, and care for each other. I hope that continues into adulthood. I wonder what the teen years will bring? Will they stay close and support each other? Or will my oldest son be too cool to hang with his younger brother?  Will they protect my daughter?

All we can do as parents is continue to set examples and hope they remember how much they love each other when they are adults living their own lives.  We hope they are still the best of friends when they are old.