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February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is a chance to shower those closest to us with a little extra love and affection. As you’re doling out copious amounts of kisses and hugs to your spouse, significant other and sweet little ones, there’s one very important person you shouldn’t leave out: You! It’s healthy to include yourself. As wives, mothers, room moms and all the other roles we fill, we often spend all of our time and energy making sure everyone else knows they are loved. We can emotionally run ourselves down doing just that if we don’t take the time to show a little love to ourselves. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. In fact, sometimes it’s a little gift that make the biggest impact. This February, consider these healthy ways of indulging yourself a little with these unconventional ideas.


Buy a new lipstick: There is a lot of mood-boosting power packed into that little tube. A new shade of lipstick can change your attitude almost instantly. Think fun and flirty pink. Or power red. Ranging in price from $8 to $25, you can alter your look and boost your happiness for a minimal amount. Click here to shop.

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Start, or refresh, a hobby: Being a mom means we get to spend a lot of time supporting the hobbies and activities of the little people in our lives. While watching your son or daughter score the winning goal makes you proud, you also need activities you enjoy too. Do you enjoy sewing but can’t remember the last time you sewed anything more than a button? Did you always enjoy journaling? If it’s quiet time you’re craving, make time weekly to pick up a good book.

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Try a new exercise: Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or one of your 2015 resolutions is to get fit, any exercise regime can begin to bore you after six weeks. Check out the group fitness schedules at your local YMCA, gym or barre studio. Pick out a class that interests you and give it a whirl. Go a step further and recruit a friend to join you. Even if the class turns out not be your favorite, you’ll make a deposit in your own love bank by trying something new.

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Volunteer: It is amazing what the joy of helping others does for our own hearts. Whether it is donating a big box of clothing and toys or ladeling out soup on a bitterly cold day at a nearby homeless shelter, serving others can fill a soul to abundance. Volunteer opportunities abound and a Google search can turn up multiple opportunities close to you. Many times serving others changes us more than those whom we serve. It is the reason Francis of Assisi said, “For it is in giving that we receive.”

Taking all of these considerations in mind can help you treat yourself in a healthy way.