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Show your husband appreciation today. We all love those two small words and when heard, we instantly feel better, love and valued. No, not the words “deep fried.” The other two words: “thank you.” They are often tied with expressing appreciation and putting a value on someone and what they did. We already know there’s power in those two little words, and yet sometimes in the midst of our active lives we can forget to say them. I am going to share four healthy ways you can say thank you, and show your husband how much you appreciate him.

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Talk your husband’s talk: It’s not enough to simply say thank you. For instance, if your husband loves physical contact, then giving him a hug or a big ol’ fat kiss when you say thank you will speak volumes to him. Just by saying thank you to a man who loves physical touch won’t bridge your appreciation to his heart. How do you know your husband’s talk? Well, chances are you know it and just don’t realize it, but if you’re truly at a loss, then simply watch him. Get your National Geographic on and study out his moves on you. How does he predominantly show he loves you? Does he do house chores? Does he buy you flowers? Does he compliment you? Simply follow his lead and mirror him.

Be specific and genuine: A friend of mine’s husband said, “for women, it seems vague compliments or statements of appreciation are efficient, but men like details. Hey, once I know my wife likes something I do or say, you better believe I will keep doing it.” Husbands like to know exactly what they did that you liked. Stay genuine. Wives don’t like lip service and neither do husbands.

Focus on the positive: Know what your husband does that makes your life wonderful. Whatever you focus on grows. If you can ramble off what your husband does that annoys you, then you are focusing on the wrong things. Sure, husbands screw up, but so do wives. Stay focused on all the great things your husband does, and watch those grow!

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Get Creative: Thank you is expressed verbally, but after a while it can seem robotic so get creative. Here are a few ideas husbands shared with me to give you some ideas to show appreciation:

  •  A surprise lunch date
  • Watch and engage a sports game or television program he likes
  • A quick text or note saying thanks
  • A long hug, a high five, a massage heck even a chest bump; just touch him while you say thanks!
  • Go out of your way to do something specific just for him. Prepare his favorite meal, see a movie, etc.
  • Spend time with him and let him choose the activity
  • Just tell him you believe in him

Showing appreciation is imperative in any marriage. It keeps the doors open not only for communication, but also for fun! The bottom line is simple: men are not complicated. They love feeling valued and important. Showing appreciation is small and yet so powerful. Today, you can make your husband feel as good as if bringing him something that’s been deep fried!