Lately, kale has gotten a lot of attention as being a top player in the superfood game. But are people starting to think kale kinda sucks? Many aren’t fans of the taste, some say it’s hard to incorporate into a meal (especially when kids are involved), and while there are definite health benefits, some say there are better options. Thrillist talked to some top chefs to get their take on what veggies are over and underrated,


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Most Overrated Vegetable: Kale
“Although not a bad thing, kale is misused a lot of the time. Serving it raw is not that pleasant (let’s be real here), and cooking it just yields a boring, flat texture for me. It has been a victim of over-hype.” | Chris Cipollone – Chef, Piora (New York, NY)

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Most Underrated Vegetable: Sunchokes
“If you have ever been to Piora, they are all over the menu. Sunchokes are truly so versatile in what you use them in and how you cook them. They are the pig of vegetables. Like a potato, but with a nutty flavor that has an awesome natural sugar content that lends well to caramelization and also works well in soups and purees.”

Most Overrated Vegetable: Spaghetti Squash
“There are many other squash varieties that have less water and much, much more flavor.” | Michael Tusk – James Beard-Winning Chef/Owner, Quince and Cotogna (San Fransisco, CA)

Most Underrated Vegetable: Cardoons
“They’re from the same family as the artichoke. Great flavor and texture and very versatile. A true gem.”

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Most Overrated Vegetable: Kale
“It’s a great green, but overexposed. Not necessarily the best in salads, and I’m not fan of deep-fried kale.” | David Burke – Founder/Exec Chef, David Burke Group (New York, NY)

Most Underrated Vegetables: Chicory and White Cabbage
“White cabbage makes the best broth for soup. It can also be stuffed, stir-fried, braised, and incorporated into salads and slaws, and there are a variety of cabbages such as green, red, and napa.”

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