Those of us who shop with a budget in mind and aim to keep it healthy are consistently trying to figure out a way to purchase the “good stuff” without cleaning out our wallets. With grocery stores now stocking up on healthier options, you are more likely then ever before to find better (healthier) deals thanks to the increase in store brands and escalating competition.

First, scrap that grocery list. See what is on sale that week and be open to it! Fresh fish, reduced meats – go with what is being offered. Check the clearence produce for mega savings on fruit (ripe bannanas- great for a low fat bannana bread or to add to a smoothie!), veggies (half off tomatoes can be thrown into a crock pot for a sauce or sliced on a whole wheat pizza crust).  Not only will this keep your menu exciting, it will keep the cost on these items way down.

Second, any nutritionist you talk to will warn you to shop on the perimeter of the grocery store- as that is where the fresh produce, dairy, meat, and whole-grain breads are kept. Third, buy in season and you don’t need to buy organic! Fourth, shop online! Stores like K-Mart will periodically have food (like organic brown rice) that you can purchase by the case for 90% off!