Making love during pregnancy is both perfectly natural and perfectly healthy. However, some women find themselves concerned and wonder if they could be hurting themselves or their baby. In addition to the simple act of sex, there are several changes that you will experience both physically and mentally which will leave you with several questions. Here are some answers to help you to prepare.

When do I need to stop having sex? The answer really depends on your condition. If your pregnancy has been a healthy one and your doctor has not warned against it, you may continue having sex up until the moment your water breaks or major labor pains begin. Let your body be the judge of the cut off date. If you still feel good and your doctor is still okaying it, there’s no reason to stop until you have to.

Am I hurting my baby? Many women wonder if intercourse will injure their baby in some way. The truth is that the baby is much better protected than you think. Between the amniotic sac and the fact that the cervix remains sealed until labor, the baby is out of harm’s way and will not be impacted by intercourse.

Why am I feeling so, “erotically charged”? While the first trimester of pregnancy is usually filled with exhaustion and morning sickness, by the second trimester you may be feeling different. Pregnancy causes an increase in blood flow in the pelvic region and an amazing surge in hormones. The combination of the two will likely bring on a more frequent and a more intense state of arousal. While this may lessen during the third trimester, it is perfectly normal to be in the mood more than ever during months 3-6.

What is going on with my body? Your body will obviously change during pregnancy. You will gain weight, your breast size will increase, you may get a mild case of acne and some women even report slight hair loss during the first trimester. But remember, pregnancy IS a beautiful thing and an experience that as a women, you are entitled to enjoy. The more your body grows, the less comfortable certain positions may be for you, but that doesn’t mean that sex has to stop. Talk to your partner and find ways that are pleasurable for both of you.

Making love while pregnant is certainly a different experience than before pregnancy, but it is still a very important part of bonding with your significant other. Speak  to your doctor to ensure that you’re healthy enough for sex, and once you have that approval, make the most of it.
Photo Credit: Grant MacDonald via Compfight cc